Motorola Stature i9 Review, Specs, Price

Motorola’s Stature i9 is a mark of class and status. Take this brand new model in your palm and feel the pinch. Motorola Stature i9 is revitalizing the iDEN network along with the Blackberry. USP of this phone is perhaps the fact that its external controls allow you to run the whole handset virtually from outside.

motorola-stature-i9 mobile


  • Beautiful and sleek design
  • Functional external display
  • Fits in nicely in palms
  • Nice mp3 player


  • Complains about battery life
  • Typing is difficult because of the flat keypad
  • Downloads music and ringtones from boostmobile only
  • Poor image quality

Tech Specs

  • Light weight, slim and thin design
  • 2.2 inches LCD screen with 320x 240MP resolution
  • It has iDEN, stereo Bluetooth and GPS
  • 256MB internal storage and expandable up to 8GB
  • 3.1 MP camera with single Led flash
  • Micro USB and micro SD card slot
  • Supports up to 175 hours talktime
  • Access to Sprint Mobile e-mail
  • Voice dialing, voice recorder and command facilities
  • Direct Connect PTT services
motorola-stature-i9 mobile

Some Notable Features


The i9 is actually another successor of the Razr family of handsets. It can be called one of the most stylish Nextel phones in the market. Well, contrary to that many feel that the styling is somehow old fashioned.


It has sleek angular design. So fits nicely in a small space. Since, i9 is light weight you can carry it in hands quite comfortably.


The i9 has 262,000 color external supportive and vibrant 2.2 inches display. It has sharp graphics, colors and impressive resolution.


Like all other touch controls handsets the keys of i9 are slippery too but they give amazing feedback. It has a rocking music player with excellent sound quality, simple interface and comes with a number of themes and visualizations.


The 3.1 MP camera shoots pictures in seven different resolutions. It’s powered by an excellent 8X digital zoom. The camcorder records videos in three different resolutions. It offers an excellent editing option too. Unfortunately, the image quality is not up to expectation. Most images are blur and dark.

motorola-stature-i9 mobile camera


Unfortunately none of the online marketers have listed exact price of this handset yet. Don’t worry it will be available soon. However, the prices offered by BoostMobile for Motorola Stature i9 is $249.99, which seems to be much higher for the device.

Video Review


Overall, it’s an average handset with a mixed bag. It has some quality features but quite often user reviews don’t go in favor of it. Checkout the device right on the BoostMobile website.