Multi-Touch Gaming Mice By Microsoft With Flat-Slider Phone Form Factor

Big tech companies invest a lot in Research and so does Microsoft. Microsoft Research is always seen as one of the greatest innovation labs in every aspects of future computing. Previous year they did some interesting patents on two quite interesting topics – Multi-touch gaming input device (mice) and Flat Slider phone. Let us have a sneak peek what this stuff is all about.

Multi-Touch Gaming Mice

We understand that for some games it’s easy to play on computer (or by keyboard) but for some it’s real tricky. Manually controlling several keys and mouse is not easy task, which could have been effortless via other gaming consoles that are widely used as of today.


Understanding this analogy Microsoft has patented multi-touch mouse system, which responds the way mouse is used. Ideally there are only two keys in the mouse for input (typical conventional mouse) and an option for scroll wheel. But if we think from Microsoft perspective, all the fingers and the pressure that we apply at each and every point at mouse could well serve as input. That’s the basic philosophy behind this new patent by Microsoft.

Multi Touch Gestures

The good part with this technology is that unlike in mouse just dual input is available (0 or 1) but with this new concept by the company, varying force will evolve into n number of input. This could very well be used in hi-tech gaming environment, where multiple inputs with varying degree is required.

Find out more about Microsoft’s patent on Multi Touch Gaming Mouse here.

Flat Slider Phone modified design (Form factor)

One more patent they got from USP&TO is in regard to a slider phone form factor, which is again quite exemplary. In a typical slider phone we observe that whenever user wants to type something long, he or she slides the keyboard beneath and start right on the job. But over the time what people experience is that the keyboard is quite at a distance (height) as compared to the display screen. So this natural gradient that is there could be a bit annoying for the user sometime. Maybe somebody wants the keyboard at the same level as display screen (probably inspired by tab computers!).

Microsoft Slide DesignMicrosoft_slide_design form factor

Microsoft has come up with new slider design in which there is a typical space offset between display and the slider underneath. So whenever the slider is pushed (or display panel at top), the slider somehow fits into the room snugly and the end result is that both of them are now on the same plane (or flat surface).

So it seems to be good news for the people who long wanted this kind of innovation. Moreover one can clearly envisage that if an operation requires both keys and touch, this could be quite comfy for them. Now this is called real innovation. Ever wonder why nobody else thought about it before!