NeatDesk Scanner: Multi Size Multi Page Silent Scanner For Mac

NeatDesk for Mac is a scanner along with software which assists you in cleaning your desk and systematizes all your essential information on the Mac at high speeds. With the ability to scan 50 letter size pages at a time along with different types of business cards or receipts, NeatDesk Scanner becomes one of the best companions for your Mac at office, which works more silently than any of its colleagues.



Distinguished Features

  • It was developed to use it easily with Mac OS.
  • The Automatic Document Feeder [ADF] Scanner is an award winning one and offers you an inbox at the center to store up the papers which tend to take more space in your desk often.
  • It allows you to place in 10 business cards, 10 receipts, and 10 full size documents to scan all of them in a single stretch.
  • You can remove the tray to scan 50 letter-size pages for once too.
  • Double sided scanning can also be performed in a single push.
  • Every document can be scanned and turned into high quality images easily.
  • It has “Drag and Drop” facility too along with Smart Collections, where you can categorize your files accordingly.
  • You can search easily for any word because the NeatDesk is totally incorporated with Spotlight.
  • Much quite than any other Mac OS scanners.

Now, here are the various utilities of NeatDesk:


Receipt Scanning

  • You can keep record of everything from vendors, dates to sales tax
  • You can produce expense reports
  • You can export the data to Microsoft Excel

Business Cards Scanning

  • Allows to grab hold of the contact information by capturing it.
  • Allows to save the image of the business card along with the contact.
  • Allows to send those contacts to Address Book.
  • Allows to Sync them with your mobile device.

Document Scanning

  • Generates searchable PDF files.
  • Captures text to edit.
  • You can classify and categorize documents in your file cabinet easily.


With all these said, NeatDesk also has its own disadvantages such as the following:

  • The paper might jam randomly and at regular intervals.
  • Small size receipts can get crumpled and wrinkled.
  • Operating software has usability issues and is confusing.

This special scanner is very useful and ideal to those who need documents to scan at very regular intervals. You can also import data or files stored on your hard disk to NeatWorks via the print dialog box. You can do things in a jiffy using the NeatDesk for Mac OS. You can scan any document and turn it into a fully searchable PDF file. You can also turn your receipts into a report in just a fraction of second.


It costs around $399.95.

For more details and to purchase this useful companion of your Mac, checkout the official Product page of NeatDesk Scanner.