New Features of URL Shortener

The web is ever-expanding, the links of webpages are becoming long and complex day by day. And we need to share links of different webpages everyday. This is where URL Shortener help us! Links Shortener (URL Shortener) are the services which are used to shorten the complex links into small and simple one so that they can be easily remembered and shared.

There are different URL Shortener available on the web out of which is one of the better one’s! is owned and operated by Google. As being a product of Google there is no doubt of wonderful speed and functionality. To keep up with the modern times Google keeps updating their products with new features over time.

Here are some of the new features of introduced recently!

  • Copying Made Easy
  • Earlier after we shorten the link we need to select it and then copy it which was a bit time consuming and impractical but now whenever we shorten the link, it automatically gets selected. We just need to hit Ctrl+C or right click and select copy.

  • Hide Links from Dashboard
  • We frequently shorten the links which in turn result it a nested bunch of lots of links in our dashboard. This makes difficult for us to find the wanted link out of bunch. Now we can easily hide the unwanted links from our dashboard. This would only hide links from our dashboard, original link wont be deleted
    TIP: You can see stats for any link by appending ‘+’ sign after the link.

  • Report Spam Links to Google
  • If you can came across any SPAM link shortened via you can now easily report it to Google Team. Just go to and file a report.

Google even announced that they are improving speed and stability of

Even as we add features, we continue to focus on making one of the fastest and most reliable URL shorteners on the web.

Lets hope that Google release many such new features as time passes.

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