New UNLOCK NOW FREE virus hits iOS 4 platform

iOS 4.x based devices are being attacked with a new virus found on almost all Apple (jailbreakable) devices. This virus doesn’t get installed due to any installs from Cydia or cracked iTunes store applications, but gets introduced if you click on an advertisement.

There is a fake app on the internet which advertises, “UNLOCK NOW FREE”. And if you visit this page from your Apple device (iPhone, iPod, iPad) your device will get affected by the virus.

If you visit the page, you will see an animation which shows “DOWNLOAD UNLOCK 2 NOW FREE”.

Instead of unlocking your iPhone when clicking on the accompanying link, the user is presented with a 10-15 second animation, after which, text is displayed on screen saying: “DOWNLOAD UNLOCK 2 NOW FREE”. Finally, the climax involves all of your data being deleted from your iPhone and SIM card.

So make sure you don’t open any such advertisement from your Apple device, you will loose everything. As it appears while jailbreaking or unlocking, we suggest you to follow iClarified for complete and secure unlocking or jailbreaking process.

There are many fake advertisements on the internet regarding jail-breaking or unlocking. Never trust them!