New Nexus 7 successor tablet passes FCC: Specifications, availability, price rumors

The highly anticipated next generation Google Nexus 7 tablet passes FCC certification implying that it is not far from the launch now. Some details were also leaked for its internal parts as well. Some changes from the original Nexus 7 are that it is coming with a rear camera and LTE connectivity, both of which were absent in the original Nexus 7.

Nexus 7 K009

According to the FCC documentation, Asus is manufacturing the next generation Nexus 7 II tablet which bears a model number K009. The LCD display panel is being manufactured by JDI (Japan Displays), Rear camera by Chicony and front camera by Liteon and CPU and Wi-Fi/HSPA+ and LTE modems from Qualcomm. All the other components are by Asus including the Li-Ion battery, mainboard, adapter and USB cable.

Market researcher IHS told CNET that Japan Display and AUO are making the display for the next-Gen Nexus 7 while Quanta computer, which assembled the original Nexus 7, will assemble the new Nexus 7 II tablet as well. IHS also added that the tablet will come with an 7 inch 1920 x 1200p display with an expected release in July.

Nexus 7

In a related report by DigiTimes, the second generation Nexus 7 tablet will start retailing in July and will cost USD 229 for a 16 GB version. The expected increase in pricing than the previously estimated USD 199 is due to Google trying to stay away from the entry-level crowded market and competing with the likes of Apple and Amazon by staying in the mid-level segment for tablets.

To remind you, the leaked and rumored specifications of the next generation Nexus 7 II successor tablet are also aligned with what we have learned so far from the FCC, CNET and DigiTimes. It is expected to come with an 7 inch 1920 x 1200p display with a respectable PPI of 323 and will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon’s quad core processor. Nearly a month ago, the Nexus 7 successor was leaked in a promo.

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