Nielsen Informate reveals that Social Networking is the major activity of Smartphone owners in India

Millions of users access social networking sites from their mobile devices. This has helped in creating a more engaging and personalized experience for users. In fact, social networking has become one of the top activities for smartphone users, especially in India. And Google’s Android OS has played a vital role in fueling the growth of both, social media and smartphone adoption in the country. How?

Android has made quality available at an affordable price. There are many handsets available in the market at an affordable price that run full-blown version of Android and provide good social integration with easy to use social apps. Android therefore has become the preferred choice of many Smartphone users in India.

Nielsen Informate Analysis:

Nielsen Informate analysis of social networking usage trends for Android smartphone users in India uncovered the following facts:

  • After search, checking out Social Networking sites is the reason why one accesses web. Facebook tops the list and Google+ follows it. Facebook’s reach is 5 times higher than Google+.
  • A major share of Smartphones using population (93%) in India use social networking on their smartphones.
  • One in three Facebook users does not use any other Social Networking property.
  • The Facebook app is the most visited mobile app with an average user logging in 17 days a month.
  • Although Facebook is used throughout the day, engagement levels peak late night. One reason for this could be a person is free from office work during nighttime and would to keep up with friends, relatives or others that live around them.
  • As the mobile versions of many social networking sites are available, the more preferred way to access Facebook is through the app. Why? Users can upload images captured through their Smartphone’s camera, tag the places they are at and do a lot more.

Nielsen Informate is collaboration of Informate Mobile Intelligence and Nielsen that provides insights on evolving consumption patterns of mobile device users.

  • Source – Nielsen Informate.
  • Image Source –  Nielsen Informate.