The Nokia 5233 Review

Whats so common between Nokia 3310 and Nokia 5233? Well both of them are extremely popular cell phone models, the former coming without a camera while the latter sporting a rich, clear 2MP camera. At its time, 3310 was the epitome of style, standard and statement. Nokia 5233 is exactly the same in its time.

What made Nokia 5233 so popular? The fact that Nokia also thought about the middle class people that too in a big way makes it a clear winner all along. Almost all richie-rich features, functions, crisp-handling etc, the idea of being a proud owner of an excellent touch-screen smart phone in a few bucks made the crowd go ga-ga over it, with myself being a proud owner. I thank my Nokia 5233 when friends describe me as being the most active online, either on Facebook, Twitter or the web.

Talking about its features, the Nokia 5233 sports a clean, distinctive look and is too smooth on the handling part. It is also very high on the sensitivity part and will never disappoint  you when you click an icon and expect it to open. Multi-tasking is what I enjoy to the core here where I can simultaneously post on Facebook, tweet about it and find listen songs, all together. I can also easily switch between tasks without the slightest hinderance to any one the tasks. With just six dedicated buttons with three on the sidebar, the Nokia 5233 is voluminous when it comes to being sleek and stylish. The Camera is crisp and clear, with the sequence feature allowing you to shoot 18 continuous snaps with a single click. However, there is no Flash and this becomes an obstacle when it becomes dark. Video-Clarity is superb and I can say the best on a 2MP camera. I actually shoot documentaries with my Nokia 5233 camera and have won quite a few prizes too :)

Inbuilt memmory of 1GB ensures your essentials are safe when saved in the phone memory while also allowing you to download loads of interesting applicationg from the Nokia Ovi Store. You also have an external SD card slot, extendable up to 32GB. The Nokia 5233 doesn’t support 3G. Though in the menu, you can find an option for GPS, but that doesn’t work.

Nokia had announced the 5233 doesn’t support 3G.PS. But it has got seamless connectivity with the web where you can instantly log in and experience the World Wide Web. Browsing is a pleasure and you’ll definitely love it with your smooth fingers against the large, crystal touch-screen, seducing you to spend even more time online. Thats the reason why I carry my device all along with me, be it in a function, a game or even in my washroom.

This post will not do justice in explaining all the features of this pretty smart device. So if you are tech-savy, need a phone which is ‘smart’ and have a limited budget for around INR 6500, then blindly opt for the Nokia 5233.

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