Nokia 808 PureView Review

Finally, Nokia has decided to take a step forward and leave behind the Symbian OS. It will be all Windows Phone (and flavors of MeeGo OS are also expected) in the coming years. Nokia showed off the Nokia 808 PureView at MWC 2012 which is said to be the Final Symbian device on the planet.

The Nokia 808 PureView ships in with a 41 MP camera. The feature attracted a lot of audience in the past few months. I too got a chance to grab the “Final Symbian Device” (Symbian: RIP).

Build and Looks of Nokia 808 PureView:

First up, taking it out of the box, the phone looked really impressive. But in the next phase the phone wasn’t. The Build quality of the Nokia 808 PureView isn’t great at all. As we saw in the past, it is all plastic again from Nokia. Even the menu buttons are made up of plastic.

This isn’t the sleekest in the gallery but it has got a slim form factor as its just 13.9mm thick. The Nokia 808 PureView has a glossy effect but that won’t last for long. The volume rocker, screen lock key and the camera buttons are well placed on the right side of the phone. The build quality of the Nokia 808 PureView could have been much better.

The Phone will be coming out in 3 different colors i.e. Black, White and Red. So you do have some choice over here.

Features of Nokia 808 PureView:

Talking about the features of Nokia 808 PureView, the thing which attracts the most in the spec sheet is the 41 MP camera from Carl Zeiss Optics. It is powered by an ARM 11 processor of 1.3 GHz and 512 MB of RAM. It runs on the latest Symbian OS i.e. Symbian Belle.

It has got a 4.0” AMOLED Display plus an internal storage of 16GB which can be extended up to 32 GB via microSD card slot. You can transfer files on USB device as it has got USB-on the go feature which was previously seen in Nokia N8 too. NFC is enabled in this device, so you will be able to share files with another NFC device with just a touch.

It has got the support of A-GPS and a HDMI-Out Port. The Nokia browser which comes loaded with the phone will be able to view HTML5 Pages as well as the flash content as it has got the support of Adobe Flash Lite. A Music and Video player also comes with the phone which can play almost all the formats. It comes with preloaded apps like Document Viewer and Video/Photo Editor which prove handy when you are on the go.

Performance of Nokia 808 PureView:

After taking a look at the spec sheet I was worried about one thing i.e. Symbian Belle OS. Symbian has improved quite a lot in the past days but it’s still far behind Android OS, iOS, Windows OS and even Blackberry OS.

The speed of the OS is slower when compared to others. But this time the Symbian OS was well supported by the hardware of the Nokia 808 PureView. The 4.0” AMOLED display is really good and bright. The response of the display was better than the other Symbian Devices. It has got the protection of Corning Gorilla Glass. So you won’t end up putting scratches on the screen.

The sound quality of the phone is really good. Listening to music was quite a delight. It has got the support of Dolby Digital Plus which makes the audio output clear and decent. You will feel the same kind of quality when you plug in your headphones as it has Dolby headphone enhancement. Also, you will be able to use your favorite headphones as it has got the 3.5mm jack.

Coming to the main feature of the Nokia 808 PureView, the 41 MP camera, for the first time I have seen such thing in a Nokia Phone. The camera isn’t just for the casual photographers, you can do much more with it. The quality of the images is absolutely fantastic. It produced some real high quality images which I never experienced with other  camera phones.

Under dark conditions the Xenon flash comes into play. There were no signs of noise in the photos. If you have just stepped into the world of photography, believe me you are going to spend hours just clicking the photos. It’s definitely the next version of Nokia N8’s camera.

Not just photos, the camera can record Full HD videos at 30 frames per second. Well that was written in the spec sheet but I think it was better than that. The quality of the videos was stunning. There was no missing element in the sharpness level of the video. You can shoot 34 MP videos in two modes i.e. you can record videos at 16:9 or 4:3 mode.

The 41 MP camera comes from the gallery of Carl Zeiss Optics. The sensor size is of 1-1.2” and you can zoom images up to 4x without tearing them. It comes with features like autofocus, geo-tagging and face-detection.

There’s also a VGA secondary camera which makes the phone friendly for video chatting. The secondary camera has also got the capability to record videos.

The Symbian Belle OS is still far behind in the line. The speed of the OS has improved a lot but when compared to Android it’s really slow. Swiping on the interface has improved but when compared to Android, apps take more time to open. If the same hardware was to be used on Windows Phone OS, the Nokia 808 PureView could have proved as an outstanding device.

The Nokia 808 PureView has got standard Li-ion battery of 1400 mAh which I felt was quite less for the device. Under a regular use the battery lasted for 35 hours.

Verdict on Nokia 808 PureView:

The Nokia 808 PureView has got an excellent hardware. I loved the camera and the sound quality of the phone. But it lacks behind because of an aged OS. We expect such devices on Windows Phone 7.5. So far, nothing about price of Nokia 808 PureView has been disclosed but I am expecting that in the Indian markets Nokia 808 PureView should get a price tag of around INR 24000.

Ratings of Nokia 808 PureView:

  • Build and Looks – 6.5
  • Features – 8.5
  • Performance – 6.5


  1. Most of the Nokia Phones are durable. I like Nokia for good at durability. Price is not important compare to durability. Very detailed review eh. Thanks

  2. did nokia ever mention that this the last symbian flagship? No right. They just said that they will give more attention on lumia but will still support symbian until atleast 2016.. Because if they only release high end lumia series they know they will break down because lumia is still not big and mature enough..(quarter 1 sale already prove it.. Without symbian flagship last year) And fyi nokia will release atleast 3 more symbian devices this year. And high end music phone that will be this device that run belle successor, Carla..and other is middle end.. I do not make a fake rumor, but one of my friend that work with nokia told me

  3. Yeah sure no issues, with the camera of the phone. The Build was poor but yeah better than Galaxy S2. It really feels like a cheap Chinese phone. I didn’t got the chance to review the phone over here otherwise you would have noticed that. This is definitely a good phone. But it needs to stand out at each. Superb Sound and really powerful camera. But Symbian needs to improve, which isn’t gonna happen as it’s already discarded by Nokia

  4. Symbian is actually very good. Even better than Android IMO. Windows Phone 7.5 is a crappy OS. Sure, the UI looks very nice, but a smartphone should have a lot of features over a featurephone. WP7.5’s restrictions make it more of a featurephone.

    1. Symbian was improving slowly and gradually. Shocking decision from Nokia. But Windows Phone 7.5 is definitely ahead of Symbian and I think it beats Android too in terms of performance. The kind of performance you get on single core processor phone with a 512 MB of RAM .. it seems like you were playing with a dual core phone. Windows Phone also improves the battery backup of the phone by taking very low memory space and with very low CPU usage.. Yes, there are some cons but for now it’s definitely ahead of Symbian.

    1. I have just stepped into the World of Photography and this phone is just the one which I wanted. If you love Photography definitely go for this.

    1. In some websites Nokia 808 PureView is on pre-order for around $850. Not so good indications. If this happens, it will get the price tag of about INR 35000 in India

      1. How come no sample photos…no review of Belle. I dont think you have the phone at all.

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