Nokia Amber update bringing Bluetooth 4.0 to Lumia 520, 620 and 720

Nokia Windows Phone users get ready to be surprised as first detailed look into the upcoming Nokia Amber update is set to bring a lot more than just FM Radio support. It was previously expected that Bluetooth 4.0 support with Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) was supposed to come to Windows Phone with its version 8.1, but the latest report by Blogjackphone suggests otherwise. The information was revealed by Nokia to the blog in a blogger event in Hong Kong.

Bluetooth LE

The report says that according to Nokia, Nokia Amber will bring Bluetooth 4.0 support with support for Bluetooth Low Energy in the upcoming anticipated Nokia Amber update for Lumia 520, 620 and 720 Windows Phone 8 Smartphones. Bluetooth Low Energy is a Bluetooth technology standard that allows handsets to connect to compatible devices including the heart rate monitors, temperature sensors and other fitness wearable devices.

This is not it. The Finnish manufacturer also said that the update will also enhance the camera performance of the Nokia Lumia 920. It will improve the sharpness of pictures and enhance the color temperature of photos. Focusing times will also get optimized, photos in the gallery will be kept sharp even while zooming in and battery life is also expected to get better. Other previously noted features including FM Radio support, Smart Camera Lens and bug fixes and improvements are obviously going to be there.

Nokia Lumia

The blog said that it is not sure if Bluetooth 4.0 support is going to be there for Nokia Lumia 92x models or not. The update is expected to hit the targeted devices sometime in August. The exact date is not available as of now, so you should keep an eye on software updates for your Windows Phone Smartphone when August comes.

Nokia Spain already confirmed a week ago, the Nokia Amber update coming in August and bringing the same user experience that Lumia 925 has. It is great to see that even most affordable Windows Phone 8 device Nokia Lumia 520 will also be getting the same update as mid-range Lumia 720 and previous flagship Lumia 920. We will keep you updated with more information as and when it is available.

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