Nokia Asha 200, 201, 300, 303 : Tech Specs, Features, Price, Availability

Though all the eyes are on the Nokia World event which is still happening, there are these cute and pretty QWERTY Nokia handsets which caught our eye. Called as members of the Asha family, they are the Asha 200, Asha 201, Asha 300 and Asha 303. Asha in Hindi language (India) means Hope.

These lower-end feature phones are specifically designed with the emerging market and easy affordability in mind. These handsets range from US $84 – $160 which is quite a convincing price tag for such beauties. Lets now have an aeroplane’s view of these four Nokia QWERTY handsets.

At $84, the Asha 200 and 201 are the most inexpensive QWERTY handsets Nokia has ever made, which definitely shall go down in to the record books, atleast for a long time. On a closer look, these brothers, i.e. the Asha 200 and Asha 201 bear a casual resemblance to their Symbian-powered elders, the E6 and the E72. Nokia has produced the sixth dual-SIM handset and the first with a QWERTY keypad in the form of Asha 200.

Expected to ship this last quarter of 2011, the Nokia Asha 200 shall be a winner, especially in emerging markets like India where previous experiments have proved that there is quite a majority that prefer dual-SIM cellphones. Nokia Asha could well be the game-changer the company is loking for in this segment.

Coming to the Asha 201, it is an exact replica of Asha 200 but supports only a single SIM. Both the cell phones carry the price tag of $84. Convincing enough.

The Asha 300 is not a ‘Touch’ phone. Also its not a ‘Type’ phone. Instead its both, i.e. it has got a resistive touchscreen mounted comfortably placed above a numeric keypad. The Asha 300 runs on a 1GHz processor with HSPA data capability feature (pssst: It also has a previous version of Angry Birds pre-installed). The Asha 300 is available in select markets for $118.

And finally, the Asha 303 is considered to be the flagship of the Asha series (some even see it as a probable C3 replacement). It is a sleek portrait QWERTY device along with a resistive fluid touchscreen. It also features 3G data support and will be available soon for $160.

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Stay tuned as we get close and personal and individually review members of the Asha series.


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