Nokia N8 Review, Rating and Tech Specs details

Though Nokia is falling behind to Android and iOS phones in the Smartphone wars, some of its gadgets are really doing well in the market and attracted a lot of users. We are talking about the Nokia N8 which took Nokia to a next generation of mobile devices. The thing which helped Nokia N8 to rise in the market was the brand new Symbian ^3 OS and the 12.0 Megapixel camera which is able to record HD videos. Well, we got this gadget in our lot and decided to review it for you guys. If you are still thinking whether to buy this one or not then this might help you to take your decision.

Nokia N8

Taking it out of the box:

The phone comes bundled with headphones which are having three tap buttons. A USB data cable for data transfers. A USB jack cable which will allow you connect your USB Flash devices on the go and miniHDMI cable with the help of which you will be able to connect your phone to a HDTV.

Build Quality:

In the first look we were really amazed by its body design. That really impressed us and further it didn’t disappoint us either. The materials used for building the phone are of good quality and we were pleased by this. The phone won’t lose its glossy effect. The edges of the phone are pretty cool and make the phone very easy to handle as well as it fits inside the pocket very nicely. It isn’t that bulky too, just 135 grams. You can carry it anywhere you want.

The 3.5” AMOLED Screen is quite big enough for watching videos and surfing the internet. On top of the phone, a miniHDMI port is present. From here you need to connect your TV via the HDMI cable which comes with the phone. There’s also a power button and a 3.5 mm audio jack.

On the right, you get a Screen lock/unlock slider, a volume rocker and a camera button.

On the left there are two slots, one for inserting your microSD card and another one is SIM card slot. So you don’t need to open up your phone for swapping your microSD’s and your SIM card’s. This is really a good thing for the people who keep moving most of the time.

The back of the phone shows off the feature of the phone, the 12.0 megapixel camera. A LED Flash is just beside the camera.

Features and Performance of Nokia N8:

The phone’s 3.5” AMOLED Display is pretty good but the resolution of the phone (360 x 640) could have been much better. The display didn’t perform well outside in the sunlight. We didn’t face any sorts of problems with the touch. Typing and surfing on the phone is easy. The Gorilla glass makes the display scratch free.

The sound quality of the phone isn’t that good on the loud. But on the headphones the quality of sound which we experienced was awesome. The bundled headphones played very well and they might take place of your current headphones. We noticed a fraction of itchiness in the sound when we were on the highest volumes (on the headphones).

Phone has got a processor of 680 Mhz with a decent GPU and 256 MB of ROM. Well this looks to be on the lower side, but you don’t have that much of apps and games for Symbian ^3 as compared to Android. Almost all the apps will run on this platform.

Phone has got a variety of connectivity options. It has got a GPRS and EDGE of class 33. This much will be enough for surfing the social networking sites. It has also got HSDPA which will speed upto 10.2 MBPS and HSUPA which will go upto 2.0 MBPS. Phone has also got Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n)and Bluetooth (v3.0 with A2DP) connectivity.

The storage is not a problem. You will have 16GB of internal storage and you can expand it upto 32 GB via microSD card. This much is enough for carrying a lot of music and photos and some movies too.

Now let’s talk about the feature of this phone, the 12.0 megapixel camera. Well it was fabulous. The pics we clicked using the phone’s camera were of good quality. The thing which disturbed us a bit is that you need to press the camera button a bit hard if you want to get your picture clicked. This led to capture some “shaked” images in the beginning but we got used to it after spending some time while clicking the photos. The camera has got a sensor of 1/1.83” and ND filters too which makes the quality of the images much better than the expectation. In the dark, camera worked pretty well and really performed to the mark, what we expected after clicking pictures in the daylight. You can click pictures upto 4000 x 3000 pixels.

You will also be able to record HD videos with the camera. It can record 720p videos at 25 frames per second and it has got a 3x digital zoom. Well it recorded at much better frame rate. It was close to 30 frames per second (That’s an awesome frame rate. The Hollywood HD Movies are recorded at 24 frames per second). The 3x digital zoom also performed well. Recorded video was pretty good. We were very happy to see this kind of camera in a Nokia Device. Surprised us and we love surprises. But still the User Interface of the camera needs to be improved. There’s no change in the user interface of the camera. It’s easy to use but still not the best when compared to an Android Device.
Well not just 720p recording, you can also watch videos at 720p on the television. The HDMI port allows 720p output.

Nokia N8 has got a Lithium ion Battery of 1200 mAh which did well under the circumstances. The battery ended up in 3 and half days. In that time we surfed the internet, recorded 3 short videos, clicked 33 photos, listened some music, played angry birds for 20 minutes and 53 minutes on call (We were on 2G).

Price Tag:

Currently, the price of the phone is around Rs.21,000 in the Indian streets. In that range you might get some good Androids too. But N8 has got an awesome camera, so it might suit your needs.


Well on an overall note N8 is a pretty good device with a powerful camera and on-the-go features. But the thing which keeps it back in the line is Symbian^3 OS. Expectations from the OS were quite high but didn’t perform up to the mark. Now Nokia has tied up with Windows and rumors are going around that we might see the same kind of device running Windows Phone OS next year. Well if you patience and you can wait for it then it’s OK. But if you are looking to buy this, there are lots of other alternatives which are better than N8 in its price range. But if you are a Nokia Fan boy we won’t stop you from buying this.


  • Camera.
  • On The Go Features.


  • Symbian ^3 OS (Far behind than Android).
  • Display goes bad in the Sunlight.

Here’s Our Rating for the Phone

Nokia N8 rating

Buy Unlocked Nokia N8.

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