Nokia N9 – Review, Tech Specs, Price and Ratings

In the rush of Android and Apple Smart phones, Nokia has came up with some hopes of gaining the lost reputation in the Smart Phone Sector. This time Nokia dumps Symbian and comes up with the all new updated MeeGo OS. This is Nokia N9 and it promises to get the potential of the “ex-Giant” of Phones Market back on track “in some way”. After gaining some good reputation with N8, Nokia got setbacks from E7 (the Symbian Anna Device) as Android Devices have taken the grip of the market.

Nokia N9

You already got the sneaks of the phone on The Geeks Club. I got this device in my hands and played with it for quite a good amount of time. So here’s a detailed review of the Phone.

Build Quality of Nokia N9

When the N9 came out of the box for the first time, it was really looking like a Jewel which everyone would like to have. Talking about the physique and the grip of the phone, absolutely PERFECT! It was well shaped and fitted in my hands nicely. Rumors gone down as the look of Nokia N9 was different from N8. Actually the thing which was thought as of N9 came out as Nokia E7.
The quality of the product used for building the shell of the phone is great. Nokia did it much better this time when you compare this one to the E7. Now let’s start locating the highlights of the phone’s build.

The 3.9” Display is on the front and is packed inside the shell of the phone which makes the phone more attractive. Talking more about the front, you get a camera but this time not on top of the display. It’s located on the right-bottom corner of the display.
On the right face of the phone, the volume rocker and a camera button is located.
From the top face – There’s a micro SIM card slot. Before Nokia N9 this feature was only seen in Apple iPhone. There’s also a 3.5mm audio jack and microUSB port (v2.0).
Phone’s primary camera is located at the backside of the phone. There’s also dual LED Flash. The speaker is located at the bottom of the phone.

Overall build quality of Nokia N9 is “Nice and solid”. Phone has got great visuals as well as the quality of the product is sturdy.
Nokia N9 is available in 3 colors i.e. Cyan, Black and Magenta.

Features and Performance of Nokia N9

Beginning from the display of the phone, the 3.9” inch display is a bit shorter than the one in the iPhone 4 but that doesn’t effects it much. The display of the phone is covered by Scratch resistant Gorilla glass.

The sound quality of the phone is superb. The Dolby Mobile sound support really gives out some brilliant music output. You won’t miss out the Dolby experience on the headset. The 3.5 mm audio jack is also present. So you can shuffle around your favorite headphones to enjoy the music.
The Call clarity of the phone won’t disappoint you either. I wasn’t standing in a full network area but still I was able to listen to the caller very clearly. I also got same kind of response from the other side.

Nokia N9 has got primary camera of 8 Megapixel which comes from the collection of Carl Zeiss Optics. This one isn’t as good as the 12 Megapixel camera of Nokia N8 but it won’t let you down while taking snaps. The camera has got the support of dual LED flash which will let you to snap I the dark rooms as well. You can also record HD videos at 30 frames per second from the camera.

I tested the camera and it performed well outdoors as well as indoors. In a dark room images weren’t that good as they were in a normal room. But it wasn’t really that bad. The quality of the recorded HD video was also good.

The phone is powered by a Cortex A8 processor of 1 GHz and a PowerVR SGX530 GPU.

Now let’s talk about the feature of this phone, “MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan”. It’s developed by Nokia and Intel and it’s an Open source operating system. The interface of the phone was really very nice. The thing which I loved very much about the phone was its Swipe feature. Want to change the screen…Swipe…Want to open an app…Swipe…Want to watch a video/photos…Swipe…Play around the screens…Swipe.

It was all swipe and I really enjoyed by swiping stuff’s around. The credit goes to the OS as well as the display. Both were giving quick response to make this Swipe feature a success. There were lots of Applications which were already present in the phone like RSS reader, facebook, twitter, maps… You don’t need to bother about those. You won’t get variety of apps for MeeGo as you get for Android. It’s still in the initial stage but its future also looks bright as Android.

Texting on MeeGo wasn’t a problem either. The keyboard buttons were responding very well and I committed mistakes 2 out of 100 times (very less).

Angry Birds is pre-installed in the phone. So you can start thrashing pigs anytime you want. You don’t need to download again. If an update rolls out, it will automatically get updated, all you need to do is just stay connected to internet somehow.

The phone has got a standard lithium ion battery of 1450 mAh. I was on a 3G network and the battery lasted for 50 hours in which I played music for an hour, browsed the internet, attended calls for around 70 minutes and sent/received around 100 texts.

The Features of the Phone are very good and it didn’t disappoint while performing.

Price tag:

The phone is priced a bit higher than it was expected. In the Indian Streets you will get the N9 around Rs.29 K. If you tend to add a bit more to this you can easily grab The “Samsung Galaxy S 2” Fastest phone of the planet. If you get this phone around the price tag of XPERIA Arc, then you can definitely give it a go.

That’s all from my side. Stay connected to TGC for more exciting gadget reviews.

Nokia N9: Ratings

Nokia N9 Ratings

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