Nokia N9 – Teaser Ad Video, Tech Specs, Images and Release Date

Nokia N9 Tech Specs and details were leaked on web and it looks like Nokia is planning to release its next major Smartphone soon. After Nokia N8’s EPIC FAIL! I almost lost hopes from Nokia releasing any better smartphone to compete others in this race.

Here’s another release from Nokia, named after successor of N8. Nokia N9, however looks way better than its brother N8, obviously, is should be! but not that better as current generation phones available in the market.

Nokia N9 Technical Specifications and Features

It is rumored that both Intel as well as Qualcomm will be suppling processor to Nokia N9, however right now it is powered by 1.2 GHz Scorpion processor.

It’s confirmed that only Qualcomm is providing processors as Intel says,”Our partnership with Nokia was big mistake”.

There’s a unexpected increase in the screen size from Nokia 3.5inch margin to 4inch and reace current smartphone level with good resolution of 400×800 pixels which is built with AMOLED panel having Scratch-resistant oleophobic surface.

Dimensions of the phone are not yet out as the phones is just out and isn’t reviewed hands-on till now. Wireless connectivity is same as that of N8 3G as well as 2G, Wifi and  the latest Bluetooth 3.0.

Camera is still practically the same, N9 comes with the same 12mp camera as of N8 supporting still resolution of 4000×3000. However there is an unexpected change in the camera lens which is upgraded to wide 28mm lens, and xenon flash of N8 is replaced by dual LED flash. It still supports 720p HD video recording.

It enters the 64GB internal memory margin beating the top players in smartphones today, and plus it comes with expandable microSD card upto 32GB. There’s gradually increase in the RAM by 512MB as compared to N8, the all new N9 comes with 768MB’s of RAM.

After Symbian^3 for N8, Nokia shifted towards Symbian Anna for N9 after ending up with good performance to that of previous releases.

Nokia N9

Some extra features providing active noise cancellation from microphone is added to the new device well, HDMI remains the same providing 720p output with Dolby Digital Plus sound capability.

There’s no information regarding battery backup, but it is backed up by the same Standard Li-Ion 1200 mAh (BL-4D) like that of N8.

The teaser video is no longer available due to to a copyright claim by Nokia Corporation.

Even the phone is not announced yet and hence there’s no official release date but it is rumored that it will be out by the end of this year.