Nokia Rebrands Ovi Store to Nokia Store

Our Sources claims that they have already been knowing about this that Nokia is slightly going to ditch its Ovi Store and will be renaming the brand as official “Nokia store”. However this was just an expectation from many of us, but now as per today, Nokia has changed its tag name from “Ovi Store” to “Nokia store”. This is currently live, you can see from the following images.

Here is how, the Ovi Store was previously looking like with the Ovi tag.

While recently there was also one of the achievement which the Ovi store accomplished that the store is now hitting out 6 million downloads each day whereas before a year back there were just 2 Billion downloads yearly, so Nokia is moving with a greater speed. And this could be one of the most important reason why they have been renaming “Ovi Store” as “Nokia store” since it would add much more weightage to existing Nokia brand.

The announcement to trash Ovi Store from the Nokia Family was decided in May later this year, and is live today. Since Nokia felt that adding up of “Nokia” name and tag to its existing store will make valuable as well make stronger in appealing to the consumers than “Ovi”.