Nokia unveils NFC-capable Bluetooth Headset – Nokia Luna

You might have seen various headsets, wireless and Bluetooth but this time it is different from Nokia. It is called as Nokia Luna. Luna is a small, light and colorful gadget that has extremely superior voice quality. The shape is quite interesting it is something you might have never seen before; it has a stylish ear design that fits perfectly in the ear.

The Nokia  Luna’s tiny earpiece weighs in at just 5g and offers 8 hours of talk time. Explaining the device working, Nokia said, “Taking the earpiece out of the base automatically fires up the Bluetooth connection to your phone and answers incoming calls. Putting it back hangs up the call and powers down the Bluetooth connection.”

The best part of this gadget is that this new device allows users to adjust volume, and pair it up with up to two phones simultaneously.

If your phone is NFC-enabled you just have to tap it on the Luna to pair the two devices. If your phone doesn’t have NFC you can follow Luna’s voice prompts to make the two Bluetooth-enabled devices talk to each other.

The charging is made quite simple this. All what you need is to press the ear piece fitted in the module. The ear piece pops out and the Bluetooth connection is powered on. To answer the call you need to tap the button on the outer surface. Placing back the earpiece deactivates the Bluetooth and the charging begins.

Nokia has plans to release the new Luna headset in the current quarter of this year, with a price tag of around 69 Euros.