Now Voice Search for Music Comes to iPhone and Android with Hound App

This brand new iOS and Android application just released in the App store goes by the name Hound and can be considered as an awesome Shazam alternative which allows iPhone and Android owners to easily search for a song, name of a track, band or an artist by just speaking the word to their phones which will result in the app identifying the words you just pronounced and shows a list of suitable results. Hound offers users “the fastest and most delightful way” to hunt for music especially if you’re an avid music lover.

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But humming, singing or playing the recorded song makes it ineligible for Hound to accept it. At presphonesent, the app can be downloaded for free for the iPhone, iPod touch and Android. Hound offers users to listen to a preview of a song, song lyrics, tour dates, YouTube snippets, an info page, lyrics and lots more.

sound hound ios app

An interesting feature of Hound is that you can share your results via email, Twitter, Facebook, SMS etc.. Moreover, the app provides an iTunes link to the album, track or artist. With Hound, its developer SoundHound has jumped into the main fray with big market player like Nuance, Google and Vlingo. It is considered to be a smart move to develop this app from the algorithm-honed Sound2Sound databank that provides so far superior aural processing.

Download the Hound App for:

  • The Android platform
  • The iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

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