One Touch – Open TGC, app for iPhone, iPad, iPod released

I know most of our readers and including myself, visit The Geeks Club (TGC) daily or hourly. Every time you need to type the URL into your address bar which take few seconds at-least. Or if you have added TGC homepage to your  bookmarks, then it becomes a bit easier.

But still you have to open Safari or any other browser to access the TGC bookmark. I have therefore created an app which opens the TGC homepage.

All you need to do is tap once on your iPhone/iPod/iPad screen. Really it’s a very simple and fastest way to access the TGC, only one touch on the TGC icon.

You can find my tutorial for installation of deb file and use the fourth method which is very simple.

Check the video to see how it works. I hope this app makes things easier for you.

Download: OpenTGC.deb file.

Stay tuned for more tweaks and apps!


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