Online Marketing: Influence decisions and make money online

Do you know your users have three brains, not one? The old brain, the mid brain, and the new brain. The old brain or the reptilian brain is primarily responsible for our survival. The mid brain or the mammalian brain is in charge of our emotions, feelings and attention. The new brain or the neocortex is the logical brain that goes by rational analysis and thinking.

So which brain you should target?

Obviously for several decades you have been targeting the old and new brains which lead to many failures or somewhat average results. Because it is hard to sensationalize the mid brain. But that’s where your target resides. So here is the principle. Well, one of the principles.

Give before you take

I know you are thinking that this theory has been prescribed by several marketing gurus all the time. So what’s new in this storytelling? The reason because millions of people still don’t follow and it is worth repeating. This works much more than the sledge-hammer techniques and even better than the persuasive theories in today’s market. Users are now walled with fool-proof thinking capabilities to put down all your marketing promises. So here comes the practice of changing the way they think about you.


Today any product without a demo or trial version is not acceptable to your customers. If you are blogging about the niche you preferred to chose, then try some free give aways, provide useful free content which your users can really leverage. If you are offering some services then provide some free Proof-of-Concept, maybe just with the free tools you have. If you don’t have free or open-source tools then create it. Open source give aways are very well efficient in building brand loyalties.

If you are staring at their wallets then you are wasting your time, they won’t come out. But if you have got the traction with your free give aways, there are several people in the market who are crazy to empty their purse for your paid services also.

But don’t fill-up the Inboxes of the mailing list you have got, to advertise your free campaign. If people start pigeon-holing you as spammer or scammer… then you are dead.

You know it? Good. Then have you implemented it?