7 Online Tools to Analyze Keyword Density

The number of keywords or phrase used in a particular content compared to the total number of words present in it is called keyword density. Whenever you write articles/content, you should use keywords to make your content rich and attractive to users. The presentation of words matter matters when it comes to article/content writing.

Using keywords is an easy task, there are many tools available in the market which can help you detect the keywords. Usage of average number of keywords will give you desired positive results, if you are hanging with less keywords then you might not achieve the desired results in the SE’s and if you have more density if keywords then your websites might get flagged for “keyword spamming”.

Here are the 7 free keyword density tools available to help you analyze and use keywords.

SEO Centro tool

This tool allows you to analyze the keyword density for your content or article. This tool will also detect certain important keywords from your content through tags cloud.

ADD Me Tool

This tool helps you to generates a list of keywords available in your webpage. This will help you tag the words accordingly.

Link Vendor SEO Tool

This tool will analyze the most frequently used keywords in your webpage/content and present it in the share of percentage.

Live Keyword Density Analysis

This tools works in a simple manner. You just have to type the keywords and paste the content over it.  Automatically keywords will be included in your content without doing anything. You can also make changes in your content on spot.

Article Underground

This is an online tool which will analyze your meta data and provides you with the errors and warning occurring your page.

SEO Chat keyword density tool

This is mainly for webmasters and SEO’s to analyze the generating of keywords density in the set of content.

Let me know if there are more!