Opera Mobile 11.1 is now available to download

Opera has launched the new version of its famous browser – Opera Mobile 11.1, this version includes many improvements and new features such as the Auto Complete feature from Google, immediate suggestion of the names of the sites, a significant improvement in the identification feature of texts, as well as updated Opera Presto rendering engine to version 2.8.149, which means faster and better performance.

Opera Mobile 11.1

Here’s the full list of improvements:

  • AutoComplete support from Google (Google AutoComplete).
  • Add the ability to search directly from the address bar.
  • Add  Smart  Address Suggestion feature.
  • Add User-agent settings
  • Improved CSS, HTML5 standards support
  • Improved text selection
  • Added support for Google voice search
  • Added exit button option
  • Added support for external keyboard in Honeycomb
  • Added experimental support for Flash in Honeycomb
  • Added support for downloading multimedia files
  • Cache is now stored in Android cache directory
  • Web Search intent support
  • Fix for LTE network speed limit
  • Fix for force close related to volume keys
  • Fix for Opera locking in landscape mode
  • Fix so that 7″ 800×480 tablets will get tablet UI
  • Fix for problems with colors on ZT-180 devices
  • Fix for several crash bugs (including crash at startup)
  • Permissions: See bit.ly/opera_permissions
  • General bug fixes and improvements

Also do not forget to watch the presentation video from Opera:

You can download Opera from the market  through the following link or by scanning the QR code.