Optimize your websites to perform better with Google Page Speed

With the implementation of new algorithm, Google also starting considering the website load time and performance while indexing and considering the site for PageRank and placement in search results. So, to help you in optimizing your websites to perform better, Google introduced a tool called as Page Speed.

Page Speed is a browser extension for Google Chrome and Firefox. It runs a number of diagnostic tests against a web page, and analyzes the page’s performance on a number of “rules” that are known to speed up page load time. The rules are based on general principles of web page performance, including resource caching, data upload and download size, and client-server round-trip times.

They examine factors such as web server configuration, JavaScript and CSS code, image file properties, and so on. For each rule, Page Speed gives a general score, using a simple red-yellow-green grading scheme, and suggests specific techniques for correctly implementing each rule. It also provides some automatic optimization of external resources included on a page, such as minifying JavaScript code and compressing images.

It is an open source project and now deployed in many third party products such as Webpagetest.org, Show Slow and Google Webmaster Tools.

You can use Page Speed either in Firefox or Google Chrome. It will install as an extension and helps Webmasters and developers to manage and track issues which are slowing down the websites easily.

Page Speed is available online also. Page Speed Online fetches a site’s contents (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, images, etc) live, using a webkit-based renderer. It then runs the same Page Speed analysis found in the Page Speed browser extensions, and presents them online. You can try some other substitutes also, Webpagetest.org or Show Slow.org.

The Geeks Club has received Spped Score of 92 out of 100.

So, what are you waiting for? Use Google Page Speed now. To see the list of all Page Speed Downloads, click here!

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