Organize Downloaded Files on your Android devices with App Man

With thousands of applications readily available for download, it also becomes essential to have an application that helps organizing them. So, if you as a hardcore Android user are looking for an application that allows you to do this job conveniently try App Man.

App Man is an application management tool which enables users to create categories and subcategories to organize, launch, and uninstall all the applications. It is a fresh arrival to the Android Market, an online software store developed by Google for Android OS devices.

Using App Man, Android users can organize more than thousand applications (1000+) in a single window. All apps can be arranged under tabs (main and sub) in such a way that they can be found and launched instantly, whenever required.

By default, App Man provides five main tabs

  • App Man
  • Tools
  • Games
  • News
  • Entertainment

 The ‘App Man’ tab which is the main tab displays all the recently installed applications. Using this tab, one can view various app details such as version and time of last update too. Between the tabs is present a settings button that lets a user add, Remove and Rename various sub-tabs and place all the relevant apps under each sub tabs. It is possible to shift or move apps from one-sub-tab to another or remove it from the tab entirely.

App Man Features:

  1. Sort bar with an on/off switch
  2. Allows adding as many as ten sub-tabs
  3. Tab icon change
  4. Three sort views and layout views with icon
  5. Embedded Search Box with on/off switch, on Sort Bar

 The application includes a ‘Help’ button which helps users in understanding the main interface and all the controls included therein. App Man is free for use and works on Android OS 2.2 or higher.

Download it from Android Market.