Panorama 360 Camera for iPhone, iPod and iPad

For all the iPhone, iPod and iPad users out there who love Photography and everything related to it, there is something special I have for you today. Get ready to experience the wonders of Panorama right on your iPhone, iPod and iPad. What I am talking about is an application named Panorama 360 Camera.

Panorama 360 is an application brought to you by Go2Share. It is available on the App Store for just $0.99 and is totally worth buying. Above all, it is also an ‘Universal Application’ which means that it has been made for the iPhone as well as  iPad, no need to buy the app separately if you have an iPhone and an iPad.

What is Panorama 360 Camera?

This is an application that allows you to make ‘High Quality Panorama Photos’. You can easily shoot photos and capture the scenic beauty with a wide frame and angle that does justice to the photo.

Panorama shots are not easy to capture. Many a times photographers are not able to fit the entire view in one photo, no matter how good their lens is and at what angle they are. Hence, what they do is take several photos of the same view or scene and then combine them afterwards to make one large photo to get the results they desire. Now this is a very long process and you really do not have to do it.

With Panorama 360 Camera, all this work becomes a piece of cake. This application takes care of all the difficult parts in the process of creating the perfect panorama. All you need is ONE TOUCH! Yes, One Touch and then you just need to move and move, your camera automatically captures frames. Your awesome Photo in panoramic mode will be ready within no time!

Breath-taking Landscapes, City Scenes or Tall Buildings, no matter what you want to shoot, Panorama 360 Camera will help you do it and do it in the best way possible.

Cool Features:

Here are some of the cool features of this Super Cool App:

  • Very High Resolution
  • Adjustable Lens Curvature
  • Fast/Auto Shutter, Easy and Quick
  • Supports Landscape and Portrait Modes
  • Accelerometer Supported
  • 3D View Interface
  • Universal App

How to use Panorama 360 Camera?

As mentioned earlier, all you need it ONE TOUCH! Once you have this app installed on your device, run it and you should directly enter the Camera Mode.

Point your camera at anything you want to shoot and then tap on the ‘Camera Button’. The app will then tell you to move your device to the Left or Right. Now as per your wish, keep moving your camera in the direction you want and just let Panorama Camera do its trick!

Once you are done, tap on the Camera Button again and your very own Panorama Photo will be ready within no time. You can save the photo you just created by tapping on the Save Button. This saves the photo to your device photos.

Check out this image below. These are some samples photos of a Stadium using this tool. This is how Panorama 360 Camera changes your photos!