Pantech Pocket, a 132 gm light weight mobile phone at just $50

Pantech is a South Korean company that specializes in manufacturing mobile phones. The company has now come up with a light in weight mobile phone that weighs just 4.66 ounces (132g) – Pantech pocket!

Pantech Pocket is a lower-end handset. It is wider and more rounded in comparison to other handsets. It has a depth of 0.44 inches, a rubberized soft touch patterned surface on the back and the sides, which adds to its durability.

The novel design of the device makes it look more like a miniature tablet than a phone. The front view boasts a 4-inch SVGA display along with a 4:3 aspect ratio. There is a 5 MP camera at the back of the phone, capable to capture nice outdoor photos. Under the hood is present 1GHz processor, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and support for AT&T’s HSPA+ “4G” network.

 Features of Pantech Pocket:

  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Micro-USB port
  • Volume rocker
  • 2GB microSD card (memory expandable up to 32 GB)
  • 1,650 mAh battery
  • 5MP camera with a decent picture quality
  • Wide screen
  • Lock screen

The lock screen features direct shortcuts to five different apps on the phone. Also, the phone comes loaded with Pantech’s proprietary skin on top. The UI displays characteristics unique to the Pocket, but exhibits lot of similarities to the Pantech Crossfire and Breakout Pantech Breakout, launched before it.


  • Powerful Android phone for the price
  • Squarish 4:3 screen improves messaging
  • Web browsing, and videos
  • Stellar battery life


  • Poor voice quality
  • Requires pulling the battery to swap memory cards
  • Weak brightness output
  • No flash

Ending on a good note, The Pantech Pocket sports an interesting design and is available at an affordable price; just $50 and a new contract gets you a “4G” smartphone running on AT&T’s HSPA+ network.