5 PC Cabinets that you shouldn’t miss

Most of us while purchasing a brand new assembled PC focus most of our attention to what goes inside the CPU like the processor, the hard disk, the graphics card, etc. We hardly consider the cabinet to be of any importance other than looks. Though the size of the cabinet, the number of cooling fans, etc play an import role in choosing the right cabinet for your internal hardware, they are often overlooked.

Best Computer Cabinets

Cabinets play an import role in housing and safeguarding your internal hardware. So if you are planning on replacing your PC cabinet or purchasing a new assembled PC, here are the top 5 cabinets you should have a look at.

1. Corsair Obsidian Series 800D

This cabinet is amongst the best that you can buy. The cabinet is designed keeping in mid the needs of a professional computer user with loads of space and cooling fans and ducts. A see through glass on the sides of the cabinet give it an ultra modern look. This cabinet retails at approximately Rs. 16,000/- (US$ 300).

2. Thermaltake Armor

At the first look this cabinet looks as if its design has been inspired by aliens. The Thermaltake Armor is an elite cabinet providing large rooms for accommodating your hardware which is evident from the fact that it can house four graphic cards simultaneously. The chassis is especially crafted to withstand hits and bumps. This cabinet retails at approximately INR 15000/ (US$ 284).

3. Cooler master Silencio 550

This dark black glossy cabinet gives you a feel of rich business computing environment. If you are looking for a cabinet that will soften the noise of multiple fans running inside then this is the cabinet to go for. The cabinet is especially designed to muffle the sound generated by your hardware. This cabinet costs approximately INR 6000/- (US$ 114).

4. Antec 600

If you are the one who plays a lot of games or has his/her computer running day in and day out then this is the cabinet that you should consider buying. The Antec 600 has a number of fans that will help you keep you CPU’s internal hardware cool. The design also sports a fan on the top of the cabinet that helps circulate air from the top. This cabinet is available at an approximate price tag of INR 4900/- (US$ 93 ).

5. Thermaltake Wing RS301

This is a simple cabinet that will help you store hardware of a medium ranged specifications PC. The additional fan near the processor will aid in keeping the processor cool.  This cabinet is available in the market at an approximate price of INR 3000/- (US$ 57).


    1. For normal PC users consider NZXT GAMMA

      Best in the price, provides enough room for the components along with good cable management and better air flow.

      Other options,

      CoolerMaster Elite 311
      NZXT Source 210 Elite
      Corsair 400R

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