Pebble has sold 275k Smartwatches, with 1 million plus app downloads

The startup Pebble, that raised over $10 million in its very successful Kickstarter campaign, has amassed over 275,000 orders for shipment via its Kickstarter and Pre-orders. 85,000 of these orders came from initial Kickstarter backers while the other 190,000 followed via pre-orders following its successful campaign. More than 1 million apps have also been downloaded since its launch.


The company has plans to keep improving the platform for future developers:

We recognize that our beta SDK is incomplete, so we’re working quickly to expose more features and APIs to 3rd party developers, making it easier for watch apps to communicate, and building better development tools.

Pebble Smartwatch is a black and white E-paper watch for Android and iPhone which is highly customizable with downloadable watch faces and internet-connected apps. It can work with any iPhone or iPod with iOS 5 or higher and any Android Smartphone with Android 2.3 Gingerbread or higher by connection via Bluetooth. It can display email, SMS and other compatible app notifications and updates from social networks. It has backlight, accelerometer, is waterproof and allows you to replace with any 22mm watch band.  The battery lasts for more than 7+ days with a watch face always on.

The sales figures quoted by Pebble are an impressive feat in itself for any startup and shows that there is a market with real opportunity for wearable technology waiting to be exploited. The company said that its foremost priority for the last 6-10 months was on the shipping and now it will start to focus on long term goals as a company. Pebble also assured its buyers that haven’t been forgotten and their pre-orders will be shipped soon following a confirmatory mail when the product is ready at the factory.

Pebble Watchfaces

Pebble co-founder Eric Migicovsky told TechCrunch:

Our focus as a company is now shifting to supporting third-party developers. This means our developer tools will get better, we’ll be focusing on how developers can get their tools out to users. It’s in our best interest, as well as in the interest of developers to share these stories.

Overall it is looking good for the startup and the remaining issues will be sorted out soon. Competition is about to heat up as many other Android manufacturers are also prepping their versions and Apple is also rumored to be working on an iWatch of their own. Pebble also announced of a Best Buy deal to enter the retail markets. This would definitely give it a chance to strengthen their stronghold and sell as many units as possible before iWatch comes and changes the equation. You can pre-order your own Smartwatch right now from its website GetPebble.