Perfect Keyboard – A new customizable Keypad for your Android Phone

Compatible with Android2.2 version, Perfect Keyboard application renders additional functionality and some unique features to your Android device

Apart from replacing original keypad, it enables customization with several different themes and adds extra functionality to your phone. It adjusts speech to text and controls the vibration density of keyboard.

One can also use custom dictionaries and control background and text colors with Perfect Keyboard.

Complete Specifications:

  • Multi-touch keyboard
  • 8 vibrant keyboard themes
  • Tactual feedback (Proceeding from the sense of touch)
  • Restyled and optimized keyboard layout
  • Capableness to convert speech into text
  • Shortcuts, like AutoText  in BlackBerry
  • Configurable volume and sound style
  • Split layouts for tablets
  • Auto-correction of misspelled words and auto-completion of words
  • Supports more than 25 languages
  • Swipe sensitivity and addition of pictorial smileys

The prominent feature of the Perfect Keyboard is its capableness to permit personalized keypad settings for Landscape and Portrait orientations. Portrait mode showcases 3 main layouts namely;

  1. Normal
  2. T9
  3. Compact

Each layout renders good services and therefore has its own usability. On the other hand, ‘Split’ keyboard under ‘Landscape’ orientation delivers more convenience and comfort while typing.

Number pad of Perfect Keyboard splits your QWERTY keyboard into two halves while cursor keys on the lower side allow hassle free navigation within text.


Another sole and spectacular feature of Perfect Keyboard is its ability to auto-complete domains for entered web address. This feature discovers its usability in the URL mode by long pressing ‘/’ key to display the endorsed domains.

Domain Editor allows you to add custom domains to the domain database of perfect keyboard.

domain editor

Some additional and useful settings can be subscribed through the paid version of Perfect Keyboard. Both, free and paid versions are available and can be downloaded from the Android Market. Recently, it has added an option to disable the space key popup.

Thus, like the title suggests, Perfect Keyboard is an excellent keyboard replacement application.