Personalize Google Homepage Logo with these 4 Chrome Extensions

Google portrays holidays and special events by displaying a specially designed Doodles instead of a classic Google logo. These Doodles are displayed for only one day of the event and by the next day Google classic logo is displayed on the Google homepage. Some Doodles designed by the Google look beautiful and we feel to display them as default Google search logo instead of classic logo.

You can personalize Google homepage’s logo by installing the chrome extensions. Here are four chrome extension which help you to personalize the Google search homepage classic logo.


1. Favorite Doodle

Favorite Doodles extension was developed by the Google employee. Google displays doodles on various occasions if want to make one of the Doodle released by Google as your default Google logo, then after installation of this extension go to Google logos page underneath your favorite Doodle hit Make this my Favorite Doodle button to set as default Google logo instead of Google classic logo.

2. Google Logo Over-Writer

This extension lets you over write the Google homepage’s logo with what ever font you write in Google font style. After installation of this extension there is icon of this extension displayed at the right corner, hit it to go into options page and type the text what ever you want to display on the Google homepage and at the end hit save button. This extension also have a option to display a image instead of Google logo in the options page.

3. My Private G Logo

My Private G Logo extension displays a personalized image on Google homepage instead of classic Google logo. Just imagine how could it be if Google homepage displays your image or your family’s or your favorite bikes image. This extension could make it possible after installation. After installation of this extension this extension’s icon is displayed on the top right corner of the browser which displays options page after hitting it, there choose  your personalized image to display on Google’s homepage.

4. Google Logo Doodles

Google releases Doodles on occasions and if you want to be the first person to see the Google Doodle among your friends then this extension after installation brings you the news when a new Doodle is displayed on the Google’s homepage. It checks for every three hours to know whether new Doodle is installed by the Google.

In our search to find extensions which help in personalizing Google homepage we found Steve Jobs on Google extension which was released on the death day of Steve jobs. This extension displays Steve’s image instead of Google’s default logo.

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