Personalize Your Life with Lifeograph

Lifeograph is a really interesting software. It is essentially a diary writing software. Lifeograph formats your diary posts for you, so you can concentrate on just writing and writing.

The software is nothing less than an off-line blog, I must say. The developer defines it as an off-line and private journal and note taking application. I mustn’t differ, and it does exactly the same job, with perfect ease. Lifeograph is one of those KISS principle following software.

Just a 600Kb download gives you a full fledged diary with auto-formatting, chapters, tags, password protection and a lexicon of inspirational quotes! When you first launch Lifeograph, it displays a dialog box, and I must say that it is one of the most beautiful dialog boxes witnessed by me!

The next page allows you to create a new diary or open an earlier one. It then asks you for the location where you want the diary to be. The editor window now props up. There is no learning curve here. If you’ve even visited a blog, you’ll feel right at home! There are buttons for navigating up and down, a handy tools menu which has options to add/change passwords.

Adding a password to a diary is a wise idea, so that without authorized access, no one can mess around with your settings or read your. You don’t want that, right? So you better set a password. The tools menu also has a button to import or export an existing diary.

There is a search button titled Filter next to the tools menu. On the right side of the window, there is a calender to modify dates and a space for navigating.

The program has a nice feature of logging out when you’re idle. Leave the program for a minute and it automatically logs out! The real power of this program is the fact that it is formatting hell safe! The first line automatically becomes the title and the rest are in black. The program even has a spell checker and the theme can also be modified!

All things taken into consideration, there is little to hate about Lifeograph and much to love about. I recommend this to every person out there.

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  1. Hey, buddy. I wanna to know how to export the diary files from the latest version, ’cause there’s no Tool button yet.

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