Phone it iPad: Make phone calls through your iPad 3G

Today, the joke became real, the iPad is able to do phone calls using a small application developed by an Arabian team iPhone islam the application called Phone it iPad.

phone it pad

What is “Phone it iPad” ?

Phone it iPad is an application developed by Egyptian Team called   “iPhone islam”  this hack works only on iPad 3G with iOS 4.3.3 with a jailbreak , you can download the application from Cydia, of course can not have it from the App store.  Some thinks, that the application is like “Skype” which works through Internet protocols, but this is wrong, the application makes iPad as a real phone that accepts a SIM card with a communication network , this application works only with 3G devices because it is able to deal with the SIM cards .

How to Install ?

Install PhoneIt-iPad via Cydia through iPhone islam official source.

It will install the application and you will be asked for activation by buying a copy with ($ 19.99) and you will be directed to the site purchase.

After activation your iPad will restart and shows the phone icon and the icon of messages.


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