PianoPub: A music player for Mac, to listen to songs from Pandora

Based on your current and old favorites, Pandora, a personalized Internet radio service helps you to find music of your choice. It’s a popular iPhone application and now a great way to get music on your Mac. The online and automated music recommendation service has come up with a new application namely, PianoPub that puts a simple music player on your desktop (Mac).

PianoPub allows you to listen to songs from Pandora, add or remove stations, skip songs and rate them as good or bad, turning your Mac into a 21st century radio. The application is simple, elegant and above all free. Its interface is as straightforward as a Mac app can get.

The application is for use with your account from the Pandora.com Internet radio service. Therefore, any Mac user who wishes to avail of this music facility is required to sign in first using his Pandora account. Once done, all stations get listed in an expandable panel just below the player. You can toggle it by clicking Stations in the top right corner. Besides, you can even add a new station by using the plus button.

PianoPub interface displays 4 buttons to the left,

  1. Play/Pause
  2. Skip
  3. Smiley face
  4. Frowny face

To play a song, click a station and start playing songs from it. Alternatively, you can enter a song or artist name and Pandora (via Pianopub) will respond with additional songs or artists that you might like. If you like so, you can click the smiley face (mentioned above) button, approving Pandora’s song or artist selection. Click the frowny face button to convey your disapproval.

One good feature of PianoPub is that it takes incoming song information and shoves it to your screen via Growl. WARNING: Version 1.4 is not the most current version and does not work. So, it is advisable to download PianoPub, check for Updates and get v1.5 which is the latest version and works perfect!

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