An Instagram Alternative Photo sharing app for iPhone

After Facebook  acquired widely popular photo application – Instagram – In 1 billion $ many photo addicts decided to divert their attention to the new and free app which matched Instagram’s standards, the Pinweel!

What is Pinweel?

“Pinweel is a unique photo sharing service that connects people and their pics through group albums.” Pinweel’s support page.

Pinweel currently runs on iPhones as FREE application. It was co-founded by Rich Bulman and James Tilinghast.

Pinweel allows real-time photo sharing across networks of friends during parties, birthdays, outings and even casual fun-times as these occasions are best meant for capturing real-time memories.

The application is capable of running on iPhone models like 3Gs, 4 and 4S. Developers are also trying to make more enhancements to develop more versions of the app that will work on Android smartphones too.

How to use Pinweel App?

Does Pinweel offer photo filters? YES!

Pinweel has a unique filter that enables you to turn your colored photo to classic black-white which they named it under feature filter option of your phone as “1943”, or from classic black white to a punchy favorite which they call “1987”.

Just open the application installed on your iPhone and everything should be very easy for you.

If you want to share photos from your camera roll, just click the button you see on the left side of the camera to access your photo roll and begin uploading, Pinweel said, ‘it looks like a stack of pages, very easy’.

This cool photo app, let you also add beautiful side-borders to your photo that gives your photo an extraordinary look. Convert textures and other features are there to suit your photo editing needs.

So, what do you want now? Instagram which is cool or Pinweel which is cool and FREE? Share your bet now!