PlaceBook, a Social Map to see your Facebook friends on the world map

Social Map, also known as PlaceBook lets you see your Facebook friends on the world map. This map aims to give a more accurate idea of how are Facebook users are distributed around the world. Once you log in with your Facebook account, you will get spatial and relational statistics about your friends.

PlaceBook, a Social Map to see your Facebook friends on the world map


The website even displays stats of Facebook users who are members on the social networking website. Just hover over the country, and you’ll see the stats. Social Map is visually very¬†appealing as well.

For using Social Map, you’ll have to go to their website and log in using your Facebook credentials. After your login and allow access, the site will load the profiles of all your Facebook friends. It gives the geographical distribution and statistics about your Facebook friends.

PlaceBook Features:

  • Facts – it displays all the facts and stats about you such as where you live and how many friends you have, where your friends live, your IP address, etc.
  • Counts – tells you in which countries your friends live, in a visual form.
  • Distance – used for calculating how far your friends are from you.
  • Relations – you hover or click on any of your friends, and it shows you the mutual friends you’ll have.

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