Plan Your Workout with JEFIT, An Android App

Trying to find best way to stick to your new year’s fitness resolution? Here’s an Android bodybuilding App for fitness enthusiasts, designed by some serious bodybuilders,  JEFIT!

JEFIT is a free Android workout application that improves an individual’s workout in the gym by creating custom routine, keeping detailed exercise database, tracking body statistics and much more. The application helps you set goals to maintain and motivate your workouts.

JEFIT Homepage

Highlights of the application which make it as the best workout application include,

  • Workout Routine Timer– The user-friendly workout routine manager allows you to input your workout routine or create a new from the scratch.
  • Exercise Database– The application includes over 100 weight training exercises categorized by body parts, 500+exercise instructions, animation and tips and much more. Instant Workout Function allows users to perform an exercise without having to edit routine
  • Progress Tracking System– It allows tracking your actual measurements and maximum lifts. You have the option to save your best lifting record for each exercise. Also, you can measure your body parts such as biceps, triceps, and chest, add them to your stats and observe if you are progressing in the right direction. You can calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) ratio too.

Chest workout

How to use JEFIT?

  1. Choose a body part from the diagram.
  2. A list of all exercises in the database that focuses on a particular muscle group will be displayed
  3. Choose the one you would like to perform, all the details pertaining to that exercise will be displayed along with beautiful animations.


  • Replaces your old workout accessories
  • Gives you pre-loaded routines to get you started
  • Allows for total customization if you are a more advanced athlete
  • Keeps track of tons of data that can be analyzed in the app or synced seamlessly with the website


  • Too many options for a casual user
  • No integration with social networking sites. Therefore no way to post workout data to Facebook, Twitter
  • Interface could be more intuitive with better animations

JEFIT negates the need of any expensive personal trainer. It will push you to beat your personal best on each exercise, time your rest periods and inform you which exercises you should be doing and which not. There is also a premium version of the application available with more features for the paid users.  Download JEFIT from Android Market.