Play football on iPhone with Spotflick

Spotflick is one of the best penalty shoot out game that is ever being released for football lovers on iPhone or iPod Touch. Spotflick is one of the best iOS app available for iPhone users and it is designed by

The game includes three different modes like arcade, practice, and spot flick cup challenges.

  • Arcade: It is the initial stage where earning five penalties in each level progresses the game and take you to the next level. When you failed to do so, the game will be over!
  • Practice: It is the next stage where occurs the building up of the skill in preparation for the big match. In this step, gaining the goal and earning bonus points are the destination.
  • Spot Flick Cup Challenge: This is the final stage that determines the winning or the loosing of the game. This is the chance to get shined by being the cause of success.

Though being the phone game, the realistic cartoon figures, crowd vocals, and clarified graphics creates gimmicks of original game and these are the plus points or the advantages of the flick foot ball. The other thing that attracts the attention of the players is the presence of originally occurring member countries of football tournament. This makes you to fix yourself the country which you want to choose and for which you want to earn name and fame.

You can visit to see the High Scores Table and see who are the best flickers from around the world. You can also see the Spotflick Cup Table to see which nation has won the cup the most. Believe it or not but England won the Cup the most during the World Cup! So even if their players can’t take penalties, at least their fans can!

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