How To Play NVIDIA Tegra 2 games on other processors

As we know some gaming companies, release its games optimized for the mighty dual-core processor NVIDIA Tegra 2.

These games can be found in the Android Market with the word THD beside the name of the game or through Nvidia market ” TegraZone” , which combines all these games in one place for easier to find.

Important note before continuing: This method works on rooted devices only, and do not work on devices with  processor less than 1000 MHz , And its not compatible with Tablet PCs running honeycomb.

But what if you want to play a game available only for NVIDIA dual-core processors on your single-core? Is this possible?

Naturally this is not possible, but it has become possible with Chainfire3D  application, which is more than just an  application but is a drive for OpenGL driver , this means that it is located between your applications and the graphics drivers in  the processor. And can read and modify the commands exchanged between the two. It offers many functions built in it or that can be obtained by additional plugins , and the ability to run Tegra 2 games is the only one add-ons as we will explain now.

  • – Download the free version of the application and install it  .. The Android Market.
  • By default, the application cannot run Tegra 2 games – So Download its Plugin.
  • Run the application , you have a list of options select the first option CF3D driver, then select to install the drive:

The phone will reboot, wait until the restart is complete then continued in the next step.

  • – Copy the file, “Tegra 2 plugin”  to the SD memory card as it is , without unzip and make sure you separate the phone from the computer .
  • Now open the application again and select the option Install Plugin , the  application will search for plugins  on the memory card . wait until it finds the plugin

  • By clicking on the plugin ,  a window will appear with two options : None and NVIDIA choose the second option, of course.

Now you can play games dedicated to NVIDIA on your phone , the following video shows the experience of two games :  Samurai Vengeance II THD and Pinball THD.

I have also tested the game on my Nexus one. and worked efficiently.

The secret is that the drive that the application just installed is not to simulate work or deception of some kind. But it already have modified and improved the game (maybe mitigate some of  the graphics power  and give a few of the additional memory to the game or something like that).

But do not be surprised if it did not work with all the games because the developer  says that there are some games will not work and it will be improved in the next versions.

Now we turn to another important point: Android Market will not display THD games  because it is not compatible with your device and thus will not be able to download those games, so what is the solution?

The solution is to upgrade to the paid version of the application (less than five dollars), which contains the option Fix Market settings, which will repair this problem and will allow the THD  games to appear

Let us now about your experience in the Comments.

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