PlayStation Vita – Tech Specs, Games, Availability and Price Details

Sony’s E3 2011 event brought next generation PlayStation Portable named as PS Vita (PlayStation Vita). I expected December release for the same but Sony changed the game and brought the PS Vita in E3 event along with some other products like PlayStation 3D Display.

PS Vita changed the way how I looked at portable gaming consoles and even reached beyond the smart phone hardware capabilities. If compared with the old PlayStation Portable, PS Vita is monster and killer for smartphones and tablet in gaming sense. Looks are made even more cool, with same form factor as PSP. I found it same as it’s prototype was leaked some month’s ago.

playstation vita

PlayStation Vita Tech Specs

PlayStation Vita is heavily powered with ARM Cortex- A9 core processor, yes it’s a quad core. Bringing quad core processor in handheld gaming consoles is one of the extra ordinary achievement achieved by Sony. Performance is sure and smart phones may reach this stage may be later next year. The GPU is one of the powerful GPU today which is SGX543MP4+, since being a gaming console, it is needs to have a powerful GPU.

This PSP successor is slightly big in dimensions as compared to the old PSP but still not that fat as PSP 1000 (Phat). The dimensions of PS Vita are approximately 182.0 x 18.6 x 83.5mm where as PSP has 170.0 x 23.0 x 74.0mm. The screen size has been increased to 5.0 inch from 4.3 inch as that of PSP. Even the low and pixelated resolution has been increased to 960 x 544 with 16:9 pure widescreen ratio. PS Vita supports 16million colors on OLED  multi touch display panel. It’s lot more than Nintendo DS providing physical buttons as well as multi-touch screen.

Its a new dimension for gaming even includes front as well as rear camera. Network connectivity includes WiFi as well as 3G. Among these two variants, WiFi only PS Vita is available world wide where as 3G version is exclusively contracted over AT&T Wireless. And is even provided with built in A-GPS chip for location services.

Games available for PS Vita includes LitteBIG Planet,Uncharted: Golden AbyssStreet Fighter X Tekken and Ruin. Each game for PS Vita will cost approx. $40 which is same as Nintendo DS game pricing.

PS Vita costs $250 for WiFi only version which is nearly equal to PSP GO but worth it, and 3G slightly more at $299.

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