Pocket TV Android With ICS: Makes any TV a Smart TV

Android is the buzz word in the tech market, and it is already spreading some serious revolutions on how we have been using our mobile phones. With Android on your phone you literally have the best experience. However in this post I will be discussing a versatile product from a hardware start up Infinitec.

Speaking generally, pen drives are most popular these days. We also now have internet dongles which are popular as well among laptop users. What I am going to talk here is something that is as small as your pen drive but is a smallest and complete computer in itself and it is called as Pocket TV Android

As soon as you plug pocket TV to your junky size TV, it gets transformed into a fully functional tablet. Can you imagine a TV running android? I believe that’s quite hard to digest. But here is the reality.

Android Pocket TV Features and Specs

Android Pocket TV runs latest Android Ice-Cream Sandwich (ICS). Has With a 1.0 GHz single-core processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of storage, micro-SD slot, USB 2.0 support and full HDMI for crystal clear picture quality. With Pocket TV Android, you can download apps from the Google Play Store to stream videos, play games, connect with your friends on Facebook, catch up on news, do some work or simply surf the web. You can even attach a video camera to do Skype video-calls on your TV.  That’s almost a complete computer in your pendrive.

To access the user interface on the TV, you get a remote control that makes user experience the best, There is a regular IR(Infrared) Remote control, comprising basic controls and there is a advance Air Remote that looks like a complete keyboard with motion sense, so you can control the UI just by moving this controller and it reflects on the screen. However there are apps on Android and iOS that allows you to control using your smartphones.


Surprisingly Android Pocket TV costs less than your smartphone would cost. It is tagged $99 for basic version (IR Remote) and $119 for Pocket TV with On Air Remote. And you will be charged with some extra for postage and handling( $10 for USA/Canada and $15 for International).

Check this Video and explore this marvelous technological achievement from Infinitec and here is official website.