Pops – Android Application that adds Videos and Animations to Notifications

Pops is an Android Smartphone Application that offers you the freedom to personalize your phone alerts with lively videos and animations. This application is available for free in the Android Market and is compatible with Android OS 2.0 and higher versions of it.

Pops-the app

It is ‘not-seen-before’ kind of application that notifies your texts with videos and animations instead of dull sound alerts and vibrations. Pops has many in-built animations and a visually rich interface.

To experience this new ringtone of the Smartphone generation (Pops), simply download the application from Android Market and install it. However, it must be remembered that Pops animations only play when the screen is not active.

Install Pops

Once installed, the application will prompt you to download the notification packs and set up your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and other related accounts to receive the newly embedded Pops notifications.


Swipe left or right on the packs screen to choose your desired animation. The application devotes more than 80 animations and even allows previewing them after selection. Pops lets you share any of its featured pack with your friend and create your own personalized pop using either a photo gallery or a video gallery.


You can inactivate Pops or freeze it if you are in a conference or any other place where silent should be observed.

Other features of Pops that needs to be highlighted;

  • The application delivers on screen notifications about new messages from different sources with the sender’s name and photo.
  • Visually rich and improved messaging experience
  • A never ending gallery with animated and video packs
  • One click access to each source of notification for a quick reply
  • Easily freezable for a certain period of time

Check out the video to learn more about Pops