5 Popular Desktop Clients for Facebook Social Networking

Using web has become an important part of life. People loves to browse, play games or chat online with friends. Facebook is the most popular social networking site with more than 500 million users regularly visiting the site. Every one can be caught sharing their photos or updating their status on Facebook. If you are one who is almost logged in to Facebook, you may want to check out these desktop clients for your computer.

Seesmic Desktop

Seesmic Desktop is an application designed to access social networking sites like Facebook directly from the desktop. Hence you don’t need to use browser and go to the web page. This intuitive application is available for free of cost. Download, install and start using your favorite site directly from desktop. It provides number of plug-ins which can also be downloaded from the website for all other social networking site.

Multiple accounts user can also link all his accounts to the freeware and can use all the accounts. If you have linked all the accounts in the freeware, you can use all the accounts simultaneously without affecting the other account. The interface is user-friendly. You can choose n-number of website of your choice. It allows you to create multiple numbers of columns for search terms. It accommodates accounts, similar to your interest.

It gives ability to reply/chat, message and retweet (if it is Twitter). It can also shorten the URL of the link. There is theme provided, which can be changed from dark/light shade background.


Facebook(er) is another desktop client which allows you to access your favorite website directly from desktop. This application is also free and it is very easy to understand and handle. It allows you to log into your account and perform all the actions like sharing, updating, uploading etc. As the name itself implies, it is essentially for Facebook lovers, arranging a shortcut for them to have an easy log-in directly from desktop rather than using browser to enter into the page.

It does not affect any of your tasks like updating status, sharing files, inbox messaging, uploading videos and photos, chatting, poking, requests, group’s etc.hence it is a complete function which does not slow down your system and can access information directly from your desktop.

Facebook Desktop Client

People, who are regular users of Facebook, can now have a shortcut visit to their account saving time through Facebook desktop Client. This is also a desktop client who provides you with a shortcut on your desktop to log-in and keep in touch with your family and friends around the world. This free Facebook Client supports Facebook Chat, Voice and Video call, SMS notification, News Feed, Events, Email client and more.

This application can be downloaded for free and can be used to be in touch with your loved ones. This application comes up with the features like easy sharing and uploading, easy Facebook chat. This application has an SMS notification option through which you can receive notification directly into your cell phone. It also has an email client option, which allows you to send emails through this freeware.

Fishbowl Facebook client

Fishbowl is one more Facebook client which allows you to log-in directly from desktop which minimizes the time to meet your loved ones on-line. This makes it much easier and interesting for daily users. This application is mainly designed for Facebook fans with plenty of features in it: this client will display the notification directly on the taskbar, so that you can be up-to-date with your presence in Facebook comments and chat. You can also view your page and posts separately from this application.

This application as Facebook authentication which will be asked while logging-in, so one doesn’t have to worry about any other person using your PC.This application is very useful when you are not allowed to log-in any browser. Hence, it is excellent way to keep in touch with all the updates of your friends.

Sobees Desktop

Sobess desktop client is also a freeware and supports not only Facebook but also Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn accounts too. It allows you to choose between the sites which you want to have as a desktop shortcut. You can use all the sites at the same time and can get update about every friend instantly, as soon as you will download this application the most attractive thing which will be highlight is its interface. This lite will show all the update of all sites together, but still maintains the separate (block space)neatly to differentiate every site. It also allows you to organize all the sites. The way you want between the vertical columns.

It provides with complete access to Facebook profile, home, inbox, friend requests etc. it also supports the usage of number of twitter accounts and keeps track of all the updates from all accounts, correspondingly, it is applicable for MySpace too. Hence it is a classy application providing you with updates of all the sites together.

Apart from these desktop applications, other applications are Digsby, Adium, Pidgin, Chit Chat for Facebook and Palringo. These are applicable for windows and MAC platforms and they also support other networking sites including Yahoo and Google Talk.

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  1. I use YooNo myself and love it. It has versions for the different browsers plus a stand-alone desktop client.

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