PR Agencies and Social Media – Tips for Social Brand Building

Public Relations professionals were amongst the first few people to realize the importance of social media. More and more PR specialists are now, also managing the social media presence for their clients alongside handling website content. It is expected that the advertisement and PR agencies will get a lot of revenue from the social media in 2011.

Thus, in order to be able to survive in such a competitive digital space, the PR agencies have to be social media friendly. Some tips to achieve the same are discussed below.

  • Social media has lent an entire new outlook to the concept of β€˜pitching’. The idea of mailing a press release to people is still prevalent but incorporating the social media in the PR strategy is the β€˜in’ thing now. To be able to use the social media effectively in your strategy you need to keep the following things in mind:
    • Avoid using fancy phrases; they simply put-off readers. Rather choose keywords which help users to attach themselves with.
    • Make sure you get the Tweets right in time. Some are based on quality while some are based on time. Your Twitter should not be late and your Facebook should not look fraud.
    • Avoid sending random Tweets or Facebook messages to people. Rather get them know about your updates automatically through some third party service.
    • Build relationships with people and not with the non-living websites.
  • Make sure you deliver value to your clients. PR pros have a new set of responsibilities in an organization. They are responsible for explaining the significance of social media for their clients also. As a PR, you also know very well that one size doesn’t fit all. Offering value to clients entails providing superior unique content and then get that work spread out all over like a wild fire.
  • Identifying the right social media platform is an important task. With so many of them in a row it is difficult to identify which platform would be most suitable. Every social media platform comes with its own advantages depending on what a particular company wishes to achieve.
  • Just implementing PR strategies in social media are not enough. It is important to measure the ROI or return on investment in order to ascertain the success of your strategies. Otherwise you will be ending up in spending a good slice of your budget for social media marketing but all in vain. To yield result, everything must be measurable.