Pre-Order Your iPhone 5 From September 30 and iPhone 5 Launches on October 7

Well, here is one good news for iPhone lovers from Apple’s desk. While is everyone is eagerly waiting for the release of iPhone 5, it has come to light from a popular internet source that the day is not quite far now.

iPhone 5 Pre-order Date

If reports are to be believed, then pre-order date for iPhone 5 is likely to be on September 29th or September 30th. So, pre-order and get set to bring home your new iPhone5.

[Source: 9to5Mac].

iPhone 5 Launch Date

It is rumored that Apple actually planned to release iPhone5 on October 14th, but with the increasing demand, the launch might take place a week earlier i.e., on October 7th.

iPhone5 factory

iPhone 5 Features

Let us now look at the anticipated features of iPhone5:

  • Unlike the five megapixel camera in iPhone4, it is most likely that iPhone 5 will have an eight megapixel camera
  • It is expected that at least iPhone 5 will have the dual –core A5 processor from Apple
  • It is also expected to comprise iOS5
  • Also, it is most likely to have the interesting panoramic photography feature
  • And above all, a powerful voice-based navigation system is supposed to accompany the new version of iPhone

Available colors of iPhone 5

iPhone 5 is expected to arrive in two colors

  • The most sought after iPhone color – White
  • Black
iPhone 5

The New Look

If you are looking for a slender look, then here it is. The new iPhone5 is anticipated to be much slender and much faster than iPhone4. So, if you are waiting for a light-weight iPhone, then this might end up being your dream phone.

iPhone 5 Price range

Though the actual price of iPhone is not yet fixed, but it is much anticipated that the iPhone5 would cost around $650. Well, it can be pricey, but not too pricey if you are to go with the features being offered.

iPhone 5

What’s inside?

Let us now check what could be inside your new iPhone5. It is expected that most of the parts of iPhone 4 could be retained as they are readily obtainable in the market. This 4G iPhone could be the first of its kind of Long Term Evolution (LTE) baseband processor phone. This implies that the size of the circuit board could be increased. If this is the case, then its impact on the size of the iPhone 5 is to be seen.

The orders from Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, CA indicate that out 56 million units, iPhone5 shares a place of around 26 millions.  As the long wait for iPhone5 is going to end soon, let us now wait to watch its stupendous success in the market.

[Source: CultofMac]