Prevent Facebook friends from browsing your photos using Bing Search

You may be aware that Bing is now letting you search and browse your Facebook friends’ photos right in Bing Search. This is good for Bing as it will make more Facebook users use Bing Search and it is good for Facebook too as it will give its users another feature – and that is to use the Bing search engine to search for friends photos easily.

While this is good in some ways for Facebook users as it helps you scan through your friends albums quickly using keywords, instead of going through the albums, some Facebook users may want to prevent this from happening to their photos.

Well, if you are privacy conscious, you can disallow Bing Search from offering your Facebook photo albums from being searched. To do so you will have to block access to Bing Search, and the way to do it is as follows.

Log in to your Facebook account and visit your Privacy Settings and navigate to the Ads, Apps and Websites entry. Click on Edit Settings.

Next go to How people bring your info to apps they use and click on Edit Settings.

This will launch a window that will let you change the settings.

Uncheck My photos and any other options you may wish and click on Save Changes.

Your Facebook photos will now no longer be ‘searchable’ by your Friends using Facebook Friends’ Photo feature.

Go here if you want to prevent Facebook from using your name & photos in advertisements.