Print Plus Chrome Extension Selects and Prints only Desired Sections of a Web Page

There are times when you may require a print of a small portion of a web page cutting out all the ads, images and undesired content. Though necessary, there is no such option. Instead, a user has to always copy selected text on Word processor program and then print.

This becomes a time consuming task compared to the commitments we have on our daily busy schedule. Not anymore, Print Plus, a Chrome extension lets you print only what you select from web pages.

Chrome extension

If you need to print some results, document files or a notice from the webpage simply highlight the sections you want. Extend the selection again by clicking if necessary.

Hit the Print button that appears on the top of the chrome window after the final selection to convert the content into print readable documents without unwanted page sections. One is free to use this extension in anyway – for example, you can print Email matter or any other types of online data easily.

Print Plus makes the printing task really faster. Besides this, it is much easier to use and can be deactivated without any hitch.

Chrome extension

How to use Print Plus?

  1. After installing the Print Plus extension for Chrome a Print button will appear on the Chrome URL bar.
  2. An orange outline box will appear on the page area you have clicked that is controllable via your mouse movements.
  3. Activate the application by simply clicking on the Print Plus button.
  4. Now select the sections you want to print.
  5. Press the Print Button that was already on the top of the Chrome Window.

Print Plus- Chrome extension.