Protect your Website from Malware with CodeGuard

CodeGuard automatically backups your FTP data, so that in future if you need you can revert your website back to earlier versions without any disturbance to the website or Traffic. It takes a snapshot of your website again and again on hourly or daily basis, so that your could exactly know from where you have to restore your website.

Time Machine Protection for your Website with CodeGuard

It’s a superb tool and also easy to use too. Just redirect yourself to official website and just click on Get Started button and create your account. While creating an account you need to use code TCD. Once you create your account you can add and manage your website easily.

Google Engineer Matt Cutt’s says about Code Guard – “CodeGuard backs up your site’s code & helps find malware.”

Right now the company aim is to target small & mini business websites like Bloggers. So you have a great chance of getting this even for free. If your blog or Website size is less than 250MB, then this service will be available to you for free. But for websites which has size of more than 250 MB; even up to GBs, they are just charging $ 10 per month.

You can check out the following link to know about it more.