Best PSP Minis for Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP)

The Sony PSP is one of the best handheld gaming consoles ever made. It is very popular for its design and games available for it. For example, there are games known as PSP Minis that an individual of any age can play. These are the games that introduce you to the ‘Casual Part of Portable Gaming’.

In this post I present before you some of the ‘Best PSP Minis’. These games are full of fun and entertainment. I assure you that these games are totally worth your time and money. Check them out and give them a try.

Best PSP Minis for the Sony PlayStation Portable

1. Angry Birds

This game really needs no introduction. And if you are not aware, this game is also available on the PSP. The best part is that this game has the same amount of fun and entertainment as on all the other platforms. Awesome graphics and catchy music brings life to this game as always.

2. Pacman CE

Pacman CE (Championship Edition) is a version of Pacman that you might have never played before. This game adds a lot of extra features to the standard game of Pacman. You can consider this game as a ‘Remix Version’ of the original game. This game has a lot of new stuff and offers you many twists and turns that were never observed before.

3. Tetris

Tetris is one of the best games in the world. And it maintains its quality and color in this PlayStation version as well. This game is very easy to understand, simple to play but difficult to master. If you are a Tetris fan then you have to check this game out.

4. Who’s That Flying

This is one of the most popular games in the PSP Minis list. You play the part of a superhero who has to keep flying and shooting all the bad guys that show up in your way. This is a very interesting and fun to play game.

5. Age of Zombies

If you were missing all the zombies since the start of the list, well here they are. Finally a game that lets us kill zombies! Age of Zombies is an award winning PSP Minis that can keep you busy for hours. This game is full of fun and excitement. You will love to explore all the different ways in which you can kill those zombies.

6. Zenonia

Zenonia again is a game that needs no introduction. This is an RPG style game that is available on almost all the gaming platforms out there. It is a game filled with more of adventure and strategy. A total story mode type fantasy game that is sure to take you on a long ride.

7. Zuma

Zuma is one of the most loved casual games by PopCap Studios. This is a game that all can play and all can enjoy. A shooting based game packed with loads of tricky levels. Help your frog friend to explore the strange island he is on.

8. The Impossible Game

As the name suggests, this is one difficult game! This is one game where you can really test your skills and patience. This is a very simple game with an abstract design. The whole aim of the game is to stop you from completing it.

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