Pubwich: Online Data aggregator to for Multiple Services

In today’s world most of us live life online but, our online life is not restricted to a single site. We use popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter to update our status messages, LinkedIn to find inside connections to business partners, blog via WordPress and much more.

Updating all these sites at the same time is not easy. Plus, there appears to be no application that could bring all these multiple services into one self-hosted webpage. Not anymore! Pubwich is one such application that gets the job done for you.

It is an open-source PHP web application, created by Remi Prevost which allows you to aggregate your published data from multiple Websites and services into a single HTML page.

Prior to its use, the application requires uploading itself to your own web host or server and set it up manually, thereby requiring you to dive into a bit of PHP editing before the set up.

How to use Pubwich?

  1. To use the application, you need an Apache server with PHP 5 installed
  2. Once installed, download the files and folders and edit a file named “config.sample.php” in the /cfg/ folder. Replace the default time zone (“America/Montreal”) with your time zone. Make sure you leave your replacement in apostrophes.
  3. Replace the URL with the address of your Pubwich-powered site. Keep the flanking apostrophe intact
  4. Repeat the above procedure for other services. Once completed successfully, you can run your Pubwich site.

The latest Pubwich release supports,

  • GitHub
  • Gowalla
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Flickr
  • Delicious and many more

Since the application is categorized as an open-source project any user can modify the application at will, and share the introduced changes with other users.

In final place, Pubwich appears as an application that gives a chance to create a site full of updated information without even having to create or maintain a database yourself.

Visit Pubwich.