Pzizz, an Android app that helps fight Insomnia

Android market is full of dozens and perhaps hundreds of applications that claims helping you relax and sleep quietly. I have tried lots of them to relax during the afternoon but they were not of little use. But today I will talk about “Pzizz” for Android.

“Pzizz” Company has many experts, and it has specialized since a decade in sounds and their effects on human being in order  to help people  relax and get quiet sleep.

The Application consists of two main parts, namely:

  1. Pzizz Sleep: a mix of sounds that helps you relax and sleep quietly to overcome insomnia. These sounds are mix of light music punctuated by some quiet talk.
  2. Pzizz PowerNap:  it helps to boost energy and reduce stress , taking just a few minutes to relax by playing a unique and calming soundtrack of words and music, Pzizz Power Nap relaxes your mind and body.

What distinguishes this application is that it does not repeat the same sounds every time, but it mixes the sounds deliberately to create millions of sounds and therefore it does not lose its effectiveness.

I have tried the application ,and I think it may helps many who suffer from sleep problems, even for those who want to sleep comfortably without  thinking of the day’s trouble . If you feel you need this application, you need  $5.67 for the best application available on Android Market in this area.

You can by the application from : [Android Market]

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