QNX Realtime Operating System Powering OnStar Accessories and Floundering Tablets – PG

QNX Realtime Operating System is suddenly the top focus in the in-car film systems segment especially after RIM (Research In Motion) acquired the former company. A global supplier in tools, softwares, and engineering services, QNX came out with a drop dead OS platform called the powers OnStar® FMV. The powers OnStar® FMV has put the market in a tizzy because of its state of the art core features. An aftermarket rearview mirror, it is packed with stunning user interface features like hands-free Calling, Turn-by-Turn Navigation, and the most notable of them: the automatic Crash Response.


Notable Features

The QNX powers OnStar® FMV system is a state of the art GPS system that offers numerous features to the users including blue tooth and hands free calling.

Some of the top features include: 

  • Subtle form and feel.
  • Speech-recognition GPS system.
  • Red OnStar button for emergencies and connecting to trained adviser.
  • Airbag deployment will automatically activate the emergency system.
  • It allows vehicle tracking as well as roadside assistance.
  • Two options of hands free calling: built in set-up in the mirror itself and blue-tooth compatibility to existing phones.
  • Verbal turn-by-turn directions offered under connections & direction feature.
  • The 23-ounce mirror measures 3.4 (h) x 10 (w) x 1.9 (d).
  • FMV features a cellular radio along with a GPS radio and the much needed accelerometer.


Pros and Cons

QNX powers OnStar® FMV is one of the leaders in the market where scaleable, flexible, and effective automotive operating systems and digital clusters are concerned.

Some of the pros and cons of OnStar FMV include: 


  • Powers OnStar® FMV by QNX has been created using two important components of the QNX Software Systems.
  • The first component is automotive-grade QNX® Neutrino® Realtime Operating System (RTOS).
  • The second component is the QNX® Aviage® Acoustic Processing Suite.
  • Helps in providing clear, crisp, accurate, and flexible hands-free calling.
  • It comprises of features like automatic crash response, emergency, security, navigation, and connections at the touch of a button.
  • It has already provided live human interactions in excess of 150 automotive crash responses.
  • The emergency button helps in providing priority status to an onstar adviser.
  • Onstar is able to pinpoint the exact location of a stolen vehicle and also assist authorities with quick recovery of the vehicle.
  • It offers turn by turn navigation.
  • Powers OnStar® FMV is equipped with built-in blue tooth technology enabling hands free mobile connectivity.
  • It is installed by professionals.


  • The QNX powers OnStar® FMV is expensive.
  • You need to buy a subscription also starting at $18.99 (minimum) to avail services of OnStar.
  • Vehicles that have been made prior to 1981 will are not compatible with OnStar FMV.
  • It is unavailable in Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Installation charges are extra for OnStar® FMV.
  • The basic price and subscription plan includes only OnStar Emergency, Security,and Connections services. Navigation services cost extra.
  • No visual help through the system.


The QNX powers OnStar® FMV system is a part of a rear view mirror, which is bulkier than the average rear view mirror as it contains the entire hardware including GPS hardware and internal speakers.





The QNX powers OnStar® FMV system is available in the form of two plans. The first plan is the safe and sound plan costing $199 per year on hardware and $18.95 per month on subscription. The second plan is directions and connections costing $299 per year and $28.90 per month as subscription.